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Cedar Mulch

Experience the Exceptional, long-lasting Coverage of Cedar!

  • Natural insect repellent
  • Breaks down slowly for long-lasting coverage
  • Insulates soil & improves moisture retention
  • Reduces erosion

Black Mulch

Showcase your gardens and landscaping with a Dark, long-Lasting black mulch

  • Ground to a finer consistency than industry standard
  • Coloured with a deep black dye
  • Great look and durability

Shredded Pine

Made from 100% Fresh Red & White Pine Bark

  • Smells great & repels insects
  • Nourishes soil as it breaks down
  • Retains reddish-brown colour
  • Supports stronger root beds for plants that like higher acidity

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Gravel and Stone

Gravel & Stone

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2021 Retail Pricing


  • Cedar Mulch - $53.00/yd
  • Black Mulch - $50.00/yd
  • Shredded Pine Mulch - $54.00/yd
  • Wood Chips - $28.00/yd


  • Chips and Dust - $39.00/yd
  • A-Gravel - $37.00/yd
  • Recycled Asphalt - $38.00/yd
  • Clear Stone - $43.00/yd
  • Brick Sand - $44.00/yd
  • Pea Stone - $45.00/yd
  • River Rock (2") - $50.00/yd


  • Native Topsoil - $20.00/yd
  • Triple Mix - $40.00/yd

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